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FR3KLS-AQUATICS is an indoor aquatic and wellness facility aimed at providing you with swimming programs for infants, toddlers, kids and adults of all ages. Our female and male classes are separated to ensure your complete comfort.
From aqua bambinos and learn-to-swim to squad training and aqua-aerobics, FR3KLS-AQUATICS offers it all.
At FR3KLS-AQUATICS, we are committed to helping you and your children develop the important skills of water safety and learning to swim.

Why are we


From the moment you walk into FR3KLS-AQUATICS you’ll feel the difference. It’s not only the dynamic colors and vibrant detail chosen to motivate and inspire kids. It’s more than

  • The shiver-free pool heated at above 30 degrees
  • The aquatic exercises to assist you in relieving pain, strengthening muscles, toning and losing weight
  • A fun, easy-to-follow, personally crafted curriculum to teach both kids and adults how to swim
  • It’s beyond that- FR3KLS-AQUATICS is driven by passion.
    A passion not only for kids and swimming but a passion to assist you to feel confident and comfortable in the water. A passion to help you, through water.

    This passion originates in the heart of a mother, with a love for children, motivated by a life-long involvement in swimming and water sports. It is driven by a woman with a background in BSc. sport and exercise science and her desire to help people feel good, through water.

    FR3KLS-AQUATICS aspires to provide an unparalleled aquatic experience for you and your family

    Why choose

    Fr3kls Aquatics

    FR3KLS-AQUATICS is renowned for its:

  • Indoor heated pool
  • Unique facility
  • Sufficient change rooms available for your convenience
  • Small class sizes
  • Viewing area, where parents can relax, read or socialize
  • Modern swimming and aqua aerobics equipment
  • Swimming lessons during the warmer months - to ensure more consistent attendance
  • Reasonable fees, giving one and all the opportunity to learn to swim
  • Who we are


    FR3KLS-AQUATICS was established when Founder Naadhirah Mukadam realized that her passion for swimming was more than just that. It was to inspire, motivate and teach others to enjoy it as much as she did. Her aim was to achieve this through quality, personally constructed swimming lessons and movement in water. One of her intentions, when establishing FR3KLS-AQUATICS, was to create and deliver an unmatched and unique aquatic experience for kids and adults. Throughout her tertiary education phase, starting in 2009, Naadhirah Mukadam tried her hand at working in gyms as a receptionist and lifestyle consultant and also spending time teaching at local swimming schools. She also taught swimming in the pool at her home during free time.

    Gaining experience through her years of study (both through university and attending various independent courses) and with the help of her parents, Mohamed and Waheda, Naadhirah was able to start and develop FR3KLS-AQUATICS in the comfort of her own home. Naadhirah created her own teaching systems for babies, kids and adults. She designed amazing aquatic exercise plans for the more mature women who suffer with ailments, aimed specifically at pain reduction. Unique aquatic exercise plans were also created, by Naadhirah, to assist with muscle specific strengthening, weight loss and toning.

    The FR3KLS-AQUATICS facility was designed to be welcoming, child friendly, simple and easy access with a homely and personal touch.

    What we do


    (baby/toddler swimming lessons 0-3y/o)
    20 minute session

    Aqua Bambinos

    Kids learning to swim (from 3y0o and older)
    20 minute session

    Kids Classes

    (female and male classes are separated for your comfort and convenience)
    20 minute session

    Adult Classes

    Correction (for both adults and children)
    20 minute session


    (for kids who are at an advanced level of swimming and intend on partaking in races or just generally want to increase their endurance and fitness in water) life saving skills are included in these classes
    30 minute session

    Squad training

    Water aerobics (this is a females only class)
    60 minute session

    Hydro therapy

    Ladies (hiring out the facility for 2-3 hours for a group of women, which includes a 30-45minute aqua aerobics session) these parties are perfect for birthday parties and team building.

    Aqua parties

    In addition to our services offered, Our FR3KLS online store provides you with items that are suitable for swimming and other water and athletic related activities. Items such as microfiber toweling gowns and a range of swim-dry products are available.

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